Agrovet Market successfully attends important livestock tenders for the Peruvian State

Posted on 05/10/2020

Last August, Agrovet Market obtained three important tenders for the State. The first tender called "Acquisition of plastic identification earrings for cattle and pigs", consisted of the delivery of more than 2.5 million identification earrings nationwide, this tender was obtained for the second consecutive year. It is worth mentioning that it will be distributed to all Peruvian provinces through the Program for the Development of Agricultural Health and Food Safety (PRODESA) of the Ministry of Agriculture at the end of this year. The main objective of the delivery is to promote vaccination and the eradication of diseases in both, cattle and pigs by allowing the animals’ identity to be registered, thus contributing to good practices and continuing to guarantee quality products.

The other two tenders awarded by the company seek to counteract the cold weather in the highest mountains by reinforcing animal health. On this occasion, this will be achieved by delivering more than 20 thousand pharmaceutical products for veterinary use, among the products are: Enroflox® 20 L.A, Pen Duo Strep®, Adefortex® and Doramec® L.A. These acquisitions were made during the month of August by the Rural Agricultural Productive Development Program (AGRO RURAL).

In order to attend the largest number of tenders efficiently and quickly, the necessary measures will be taken in a timely manner to comply with the requested requirements. We seek to support the needs of the livestock sector, being aware of the reality due to this health crisis in our country. The company is committed to continue contributing to support all Peruvian producers and consequently, not allowing the production chain to stop. For more information on the company and its products please visit or follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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