Agrovet Market together with the Jersey Association of Costa Rica

Posted on 18/04/2023

In January the Annual General Assembly of the Costa Rican Association of Jersey Cattle Breeders was held, an event that brought together more than 300 dairy farmers and Jersey cattle breeders in a field day with technical and specialised talks on Jersey cattle.

Agrovet Market together with its strategic partner in Costa Rica, Inversiones Monteco de Cartago were present with a stand in the commercial area of the event, presenting the complete portfolio of solutions for dairy cattle, among the products that caught the attention of the attendees we have: Cefa Milk® Forte, antibiotic-anti-inflammatory infusion for lactating cows; Cefa-Sec®, antibiotic infusion for dry cows; Metri-Cef 3®, antibiotic infusion added with vitamin A for dairy cattle; Hematofos B12®, multi-reconstituent with added phosphorus; Modivitasan®, organic modifier - stimulating organic functions; and Catofos® B9+B12, stimulating supplement with organic phosphorus and haematopoietic vitamins.

We thank the Costa Rican Association of Jersey Cattle Breeders for the great work they have been doing in the region for dairy productivity and we reaffirm our commitment to the country's dairy farmers to continue bringing unique products.

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