Agrovet Market Tour 2015 presents its first journey in Lurin

Posted on 15/05/2015

Agrovet Market Animal Health for the fourth consecutive year presents its update journey "Agrovet Market Tour" with the aim of spreading knowledge on nutrition and sanitation. The event will be held on May 22 at 6 pm (exact time) at the Auditorio del Hotel & Centro de Convenciones Tanpu Wasilocated at Km. 32.5 Antigua Panamericana Sur - Lurin.

Aware of the nutritional demands of a high producing cow, Dr. Carlos Gomez PhD MSc. will develop the subject: "Ruminal Digestion and Improvement of Livestock Production" that seeks to enrich and enhance the knowledge of the farmer and producer of the dairy industry. He will focus on topics like the use of nucleotides and probiotics in feed formulation.

Complementing this presentation, Dr. Roberto Evaristo Romero, MV will talk on "Management and Reproduction during 60 days postpartum" which, from a sanitary approach, will help the postpartum cow to return to an optimal reproductive cycle, reducing the intervals between calvings and raising livestock productivity.

At the end of the presentations, attendees can participate in a forum of exchange of scientific and technical knowledge, and also to get to know and share the latest trends. Additionally, information will be given on the line of pharmaceuticals, such as new products Ascorvet 250 and Hepato-Ject®, injectable supplements and products from the new line Nutrovet®, nutrition with results.


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Professional background of the lecturers of Agrovet Market Tour Lurin 2015


Dr. Carlos Gomez PhD MSc in Nutritional Biochemistry and Animal Physiology of the University of Guelph in Canada, Master in Nutrition in Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, Principal Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Zootechnics at Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina., He is also Director of Research and Development Projects related to livestock production in several organizations.


Dr. Roberto Evaristo Romero, MV, with master studies in Animal Production and Reproduction in UNMSM and specialist in reproductive biotechnology of farm animals UNALM, General Manager of Pecuarios Peru EIRL, research in the field of veterinary medicine of larger animals at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia and advisor of centers of production of cattle milk and meat from intensive and extensive breeding.


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