Agrovet Market Tour 2016 now in Huacho

Posted on 12/04/2016

Agrovet Market starts the first date of Agrovet Market Tour 2016 that has the city of Huacho as its destination. The main focus of these new tours is "Nutrition and Health for High Production", important pillars for all health and animal production professionals, as well as producers and technicians responsible for a herd.

The event will be held at La Villa Hotel, on Friday April 29 at 7:00 pm, topics of interest to attendees will be addressed, managing to generate the exchange of views and experiences that will enrich the knowledge and competitiveness of the participants. The presentations will be  "Reproductive and health management of newly calved cows " by Dr. Roberto Evaristo M. V. and "Proven Practices feeding calves and cattle rearing" given by Dr. Carlos Gomez PhD. MSc. Upon completion, participants will receive certificates for their participation in the event.

Agrovet Market directs its work to the development of knowledge through these constant training, efforts that are aimed to improve the quality of work offered by those involved in the sector. We will be very grateful to count on your assistance, and all industry professionals Huacho city and surrounding areas.

To register and participate in the Tour in Huacho, click the following link:

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