Agrovet Market was present in trade fair promoting the dairy activity in Tacna

Posted on 01/09/2015

From 22 to 30 August, Agrovet Market participated as sponsor of the successful 2015 Feritac fair in the district Pocollay, Tacna.

The event attracted over 500 participants including exhibitors, cattle breeders and professionals linked to the livestock area, zootechnical engineers and veterinary physicians. Farmers from the different districts of Pocollay like Ite, Locumba, Sama and Ilabaya were present in the fair.

Agrovet Market, as sponsor of the event, awarded the champions of the junior categories of Holstein PPC cattle (pure by crossing) and PDP (pure by pedigree), calves and heifers in five different classifications. To AMAH, the event was an excellent opportunity to strengthen bonds with large farmers of this important dairy area.

The fair also served to develop promotional activities of the new outstanding products of the line Nutrovet® Nutrición de Resultados: Rumenade® P, Vetonic® con Nucleótidos and Zoovit® Bolus.

Agrovet Market Animal Health thanks the organizers of the 2015 Feritac Fair for the invitation and the opportunity to contribute to the productive activity of the region. We also thank all attendees and the people of the district Pocollay for their warm reception.


Stand of Agrovet Market in FERITAC FAIR 

M.V.Z. Alex Espinoza delivering a basket of veterinary products to the great champion of PDP breed, exhibitor and breeder Clímaco Cárdenas


Agrovet Market is also present at award ceremony of judgment of Hampshire Down Pure By Crossing (PPC) cattle.

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