Agrovet Market was sponsor of the successful Santa Rosa Livestock Fair

posteado el 10/08/2015

On July 21, Agrovet Market participated as main sponsor of Santa Rosa Livestock Fair in the province of Ayaviri located in the city of Puno, which on this occasion was celebrating its Golden Anniversary.

The event brought together more than 500 people per day among exhibitors, breeders of cattle, sheep, and camelids; as well as professionals linked to the livestock area, including veterinary physicians, engineers, agricultural technicians and students. Agrovet Market as sponsor of the event delivered baskets with diverse veterinary products and provided technical information about its wide range of products to all attendees.


Agrovet Market wishes to thank the District Municipality of Ayaviri for the invitation and for allowing us to contribute to the productive activity of the region. Similarly, we are grateful to all attendees and to the district of Santa Rosa for the warm reception.


Agrovet Market staff sharing products information 


Giving Agrovet Market gifts to the attendees