Atrevia®, sponsor of the Doglover Challenge in Nicaragua

Posted on 20/04/2023

Last February 12th, Agrovet Market with its exclusive line of small animals, Petmedica®, was present at the "Reto Doglover 2023" as one of its main sponsors. The challenge took place as part of a larger event called "Reto Fitlovers" organised by "Canal 10 Nicaragua" at the Centro Juvenil Don Bosco in Managua, Nicaragua.

The Doglover Challenge is a well-known competition in which 25 pet owners and their dogs have to go through 5 challenges to become a champion in one of the event's three categories.

Petmedica® had a stand where it presented Atrevia®, an exclusive ectoparasiticide for dogs based on fluralaner, a latest generation molecule belonging to the isoxazoline family that effectively eliminates fleas, ticks and mites. Atrevia® in its two presentations: Atrevia® Atrevia® One for monthly administration and Atrevia® XR for quarterly administration, stood out for the ease of administration thanks to the SuperChews® technology, a soft tablet with an irresistible taste and aroma that facilitates ingestion by the dog, starting its protection against fleas from the 90th minute after being administered.

We appreciate the great reception of Atrevia® by the city's pet owners and reiterate our commitment to public health and Nicaraguan doglovers' families.

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