Avivet® and Nutrovet® were well received in Pucallpa Expoave V 2016

Posted on 24/08/2016

On 17 and 18 of August, was performed with great success the V Expoave "Efficiency of the Amazon Poultry: Challenges 2020" - Pucallpa 2016, organized by the Association of Poultry Producers of the Ucayali region (APARU).

Avivet® and Nutrovet® has managed to have a great acceptance by the audience, where they highlighted the launches of products such as No-Fly, our mosquicida neonicotenoide granules, which attracts and kills flies with great effectiveness; our premix and our soluble powders, including ChickLyte® WS, excellent choice for a functional rehydration, giving balance hydro-electrolytic necessary for the body, provides energy immediately, restores minerals due to fluid loss and limits the increase blood pH.

Poultry production in the Ucayali region has grown significantly in recent years, representing an area with great development opportunities, and we appreciate the interest and acceptance that we received in this region; Agrovet Market continues to consolidate by launching new products of the portfolios, Avivet® - Advanced ingredients and Nutrovet® - Performance Nutrition, committing to the development of the poultry industry in our Peru.


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