First calf born obtained by in vitro fertilization

posteado el 28/10/2016

Just over 15 days at INTA Rafaela (Santa Fe, Argentina) was born Aphrodite, the first calf concocted by in vitro fertilization, in a public laboratory. With a procedure similar to that used in human medicine, a team of researchers from INTA and the Faculty of Veterinary Science at the University of Litoral could recover the ovules, mature them in vitro, fertilize and grow them at the end of this period, transfer it to the recipient cow to achieve pregnancy.

Aphrodite is the successful outcome of a process that has among its objectives the recomposition of the stock farmer, the main dairy area of Argentina.

With this technology "can be generated more pregnancies per unit time with sex that the producer wants, from sexed semen and efficiency of moderate to high," said Luis Ferre, lab coordinator and specialist in reproductive biotechnologies INTA Rafaela.

IVF embryos is a biotechnology used to reproduce cows of high genetic value, which can produce a larger number of offspring in the productive life of an animal.

This technique allows the most efficient use of semen, expands the universe of receiving and ensures a greater number of pregnancies with choosing the sex of the embryo to implant.

Source: Perulactea