Launch of Nutrovet® and Avivet® at the National Congress of Poultry Farmers of Panama (ANAVIP)

Posted on 30/11/2015

Agrovet Market presented its new lines for poultry breeding

On November 13 the XXVI National Congress of Poultry Farmers of Panama was held at the Sheraton Hotel, an event that brings together farmers throughout the Republic of Panama, to discuss current trends on nutrition and health in poultry. Panama is a market that recorded a sustained and substantial growth in poultry production.

In a joint activity, Agrovet Market with its commercial partner Empresas Melo presented their new lines Avivet® and Nutrovet®, with their launches to the Panamanian market for the new products Tylvax®PX, Tylvax®C Px, ProBiolyte®, and oral solutions line that includes ChickBooster® with nucleotides, ChickVit® B OS, ChickVit® ADE + C, ChickVit® ESE and Hematofos B12® AC.

The balance of the event was very positive, managing to establish trade relations of high value. For more information on the new lines visit and


Sales team of Empresas Melo



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