Launching Event Go Native, Grain-Free Dog Food Line

Posted on 07/03/2024

On February 29th, the Pullman Hotel was the venue for the launching of the Go Native brand, a line of ultra premium grain-free dog food. During the event, the presentation "Benefits and Uses of Monoproteic Diets for Dogs" was given by Dr. Edward Corless, Global Sales Manager of the Pet line and by Dr. Aiofe, Representative of the Research and Development Department of Connolly's RED MILLS, an Irish company founded in 1908 and dedicated to the production of pet food.

Go Native, a brand committed to quality and animal welfare, now part of the PetNutriScience portfolio; it is characterized by providing dog food with a high protein source content, made with products selected from the beginning of the production chain. Go Native uses sustainably sourced inputs from Irish farmers, and is grain and gluten free, composed of 70% free-range poultry and organic fish, mixed with fresh fruits and vegetables. With three delicious menu varieties including flavors such as Chicken with Potato & Broccoli, Salmon with Spinach & Ginger, and Duck with Apple & Cranberry, Go Native stands out as a mono-protein, same-species fat food. In addition, the brand presents a line of delicious tasting snacks, Salmon Treats and Duck Treats, healthy alternatives to pamper pets.

Invited expert speakers shared their specialized knowledge, providing valuable information on the importance of monoprotein diets and their impact on canine health. Attendees had the opportunity to delve deeper into the topic and clarify doubts, thus strengthening their professional skills.

Go Native's presentation was not only informative, but also a unique sensory experience by allowing the veterinarians present to explore up close and feel the texture and aroma of the foods and snacks presented at the event. This initiative allowed the professionals the opportunity to directly appreciate the exceptional quality of the brand, transforming the presentation into a delight for the senses and fostering the exchange of knowledge. We express our sincere thanks to all the attendees for their participation in this important event.