Line of Poultry and Swine of Agrovet Market Animal Health now in Honduras

Posted on 30/09/2016

Honduras received a visit from M. V. Nelson Baca, specialist in poultry and swine for submitting AVIVET, Advanced ingredients. This visit is part of the promotional tour of the new line of drugs from Agrovet Market Animal Health, which has also been made in the neighboring countries of Panama and Nicaragua.

In August, districts Choloma, San Buena Ventura and San Manuel in the cities of San Pedro Sula and Cortes in Honduras were venues for the presentation of AVIVET, reaching strategic distributors in the area as well as training of commercial technical equipment on farms, incubators and poultry.

The focus of the presentation was based on Tylvax® and its different presentations Tylvax® Px, Tylvax® C Px and Tylvax® WS, powerful Mycoplasmicide antibiotic effect; and new nutritional solutions ChickBooster® with Nucleotides OS, comprehensive and balanced formula bioestimulante in Probiolyte® WS, multielement complex of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, amino acids and prebiotics.


Agrovet Market Animal Health thanks the poultry industry and agricultural technology, strategic distributor in Honduras and invites them to learn more of Avivet® in the National Poultry Congress in Panama and soon in the Congress of Central American and Caribbean Poultry Industry in Guatemala.

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