Lysozym® 100, the new alternative to antibiotics

Posted on 14/04/2016

Nutrovet® launches Lysozym® 100, purified lysozyme produced by biotechnology. Lysozyme is an effective, safe and natural antibacterial, making it the ideal response to the demands of a production free of antibiotics and the reduced used of these in animal production systems. Through modifications to level their chain of amino acids, Lysozym® 100 extends the antibacterial spectrum of the common lysozyme, affecting both Gram (+) and Gram (-).

Lysozym® 100 can be used as antibacterial completely replacing the use of antibiotics as a treatment, as well as supportive therapy to reduce antibiotic or at critical times of the production cycle.

In addition, Lysozym® 100 is an excellent promoter of growth, it improves intestinal integrity and optimizes feeding conversion rate and slaughter weight; and specifically in layer poultry, the laying rate increases and overall performance improves. It leaves no residue in meat or eggs. The product has the versatility to be used in water or in food, depending on the specialist criteria.

Lysozym® 100 is the alternative to lead the shift to an upbringing free of antibiotic use. The product belongs to the line Nutrovet of Agrovet Market, more information at

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