Posted on 18/08/2022

Agrovet Market was present at the LX Feria Fongal 2022, which took place from July 25 to 27 at kilometer 5.7 of the Cajamarca - Baños del Inca highway. Fongal is one of the largest and most representative fairs in the area where we find a large number of farmers.

Agrovet Market participated in the exhibition area with the area's technical sales team, providing advice to attendees, reinforcing the advantages and benefits of our portfolio, highlighting products such as Tulamycin® K, a semi-synthetic triamilide macrolide antibiotic enhanced with an NSAID; Mastibiotic® IS, the specialist for mastitis and metritis in cows; Modivitasan, stimulant of organic functions; Pen Dexa Strep® 200/100/250, the best-selling combination on the market now with dexamethasone; Fertimin Se®, a mineral supplement that helps in metabolic and reproductive disorders, among others.

Likewise, it presented its most recent launch Tulamycin® K, an antibiotic-anti-inflammatory association with long action and excellent distribution, emerging as the therapeutic alternative of choice against the Bovine Respiratory Complex.


Fongal 2022 familia Aliaga

Aliaga family present at the Agrovet Market stand together with our Sales Manager Leonardo Villavicencio


Fongal 2022 premiación 

Agrovet Market awards the breed Brown Swiss

Fongal 2022 premiación de Agrovet Market

Agrovet Market awards to the guinea pig judging participants.

Fongal 2022 premiación Agrovet Market

Agrovet Market awards to the rabbit judging participants.

Fongal 2022 premiación de Agrovet Market

Agrovet Market awards to the participants of the judging of roosters.

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