Micromutin C80 Px, the new microencapsulated tiamulina of Avivet®

Posted on 23/03/2016

Micromutin C80 Px is the new microencapsulated antibiotic for administration in food. This is a high concentration tiamulin at 80%, a next-generation molecule for the treatment of major diseases in swine and an excellent growth promoter.

It is indicated for the treatment, prevention and control of enteric and respiratory symptoms in poultry and swine, such as dysentery, swine colitis, porcine proliferative enteropathy, enzootic pneumonia, pleuropneumonia, air airsacculitis, infectious sinusitis, CRD, infectious coryza.


Micromutin C80 Px, with SMART-CAP technology, presents a microencapsulation polymer-based, which gives the optimal mixture homogeneity. Its coated also provides great stability during mixing and pre-mixing, reducing dust emissions and hence product waste. Last but not least, it protects the product during storage, with no risk to be affected by extreme temperatures, humidity or sun exposure. An additional advantage of microencapsulation is that masks the smell and unpleasant taste of tiamulin.

Micromutin C80 Px belongs to the Avivet®, Advanced ingredients, line For more information, contact us at sales@agrovetmarket.com. 

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