New Enro-Tabs® and Clinda-Tabs® are added to Petmedica's porfolio

Posted on 04/02/2021

Enro-Tabs® 150 FT and Enro-Tabs® 50 FT in palatable tablets for the use in cats and dogs is based on enrofloxacin a broad spectrum quinolone with efect against Gram +, Gram -, mycoplasmas and pseudomonas. It is indicated for the treatment of infections in the digestive, urogenital and respiratory tracts, among others.

Clinda-Tabs® 300 FT and Clinda-Tabs® 150 FT, formulated based on clindamycin in palatable tablet presentation. Presents action against aerobic and anaerobic Gram + bacteria; Gram - anaerobes, mycoplasmas and protozoa. Indicated for symptoms of eye, skin, oral, respiratory and bone infections in dogs and cats, as well as in the treatment of toxoplasmosis.


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