New Nutrovet® line presented in La Libertad

Posted on 24/08/2015

The Agrovet Market products of the Nutrovet® division, Nutrition de Resultados were the focus of attention at the training presentation conducted by MV Cristhian Céspedes, who gave a talk about the importance of using Probiotics, Prebiotics and Nucleotides in poultry farming, to a group of recognized breeders of the area La Libertad.

The talk was held at the Plaza de Armas of Guadalupe in La Libertad, where a select group of poultry farmers, including Ing. Oscar Chavez -Production Manager of Don Pollo and Dr. Hipólito Fassanando -Logistics Manager, as well as other important breeders of the area, shared experiences and received information about the new portfolio of nutritional products offered by Agrovet Market. 

One of the topics discussed during the presentation was the action mechanism of probiotics and prebiotics, and their effects on the intestinal flora and its capacity to inhibit the activity of pathogenic agents, producing a beneficial effect on intestinal health. Both compounds are part of the formulation of the new ProBiolyte® WS, unique multi-element complex of its kind containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, electrolytes, probiotics and prebiotics.

About the use of Nucleotides, an explanation was given on the benefits of the product ChickBooster® con Nucleótidos, whose exclusive selection of nucleotides (Nucleotix®) provides many benefits, such as increased production of meat and eggs, reduction of appearance of intestinal disorders and improved absorption surface.

Agrovet Market appreciates the attention and preference of poultry technical professionals from different parts of Peru.

DVM Cristhian Céspedes at the meeting

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