QATAR 2022: Agrovet Market in the Middle East

Posted on 16/12/2022

Qatar is in the eye of the world for being the host of the Soccer World Cup and is also one of the destinations for our products. It should be noted that these are found in more than 40 countries around the world, beginning its expansion to Asia and the Middle East in 2005.

Agrovet Market is the only Peruvian veterinary laboratory to have a presence in Qatar and in the midst of this World Cup party; Directors of our company visited the exclusive distributor: Al Fiafy Veterinary Care Company.

Al Fiafy Veterinary Care Company has operations in Qatar, Bahrain and Oman, countries with extensive camelid and equine breeding. The meeting of our CEO Umberto Calderón together with Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Salem, Director of Al Fiafy Veterinary, strengthens the commercial ties between the companies and establishes the guidelines for the activities of the coming years. As part of the agenda, authorized points of sale were visited where products such as Hematofos B12®, Aminoplex® Forte, Cortifen 200.25®, Diuride® 500, Hepato-Ject® and Kinodyl® SE, among others, are marketed.

During the visit they had the opportunity to attend a race organized by The Camel Racing Organizing Committee; Camel racing is one of the most popular sports in the Middle East, where the importance of these animals in Qatari society stands out.

Agrovet Market reaffirms its commitment to continue bringing innovative solutions globally, and congratulates Al Fiafy Veterinary Care Company for the great work carried out in the region.

We invite you to consult the authorized distributor in your region at:

Agrovet Market en medio oriente

Agrovet Market en medio oriente

Agrovet Market en medio oriente

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