Scientific study shows how to obtain milk with more calcium

Posted on 15/08/2016

According to a study published by the Journal of Endocrinology, conducted by researchers at the University of Wisconsin- Madison, it found that if the cows are happy, milk contains more calcium.

Scientists supplied serotonin, the hormone of humor in young livestock, to develop their study.

The human body has more calcium regarding the presence of other minerals. And products like milk, cheese and yogurt are primary of this fundamental substance for bone health sources.

But between 5% and 10% of dairy cows suffering from hypocalcemia or have low levels of calcium, with negative consequences on the nutrients of the product but also the health of animals and profits of farmers as they decrease the pregnancy rates.

It had already demonstrated in rodents that serotonin develops a primary role in maintaining calcium levels.

US researchers studied the potential of this hormone to increase the presence of calcium. Therefore, they provided a chemical that becomes serotonin in 24 animals of two different races, until the time of delivery.

This procedure improved the general state of calcium in both races, but Holstein cows showed higher blood levels of the mineral while the Jersey’s gave that record in milk.

The next steps of the scientists will focus on studying the molecular mechanism which regulates serotonin calcium, with the aim of supplying this hormone to cows as a preventive measure of hypocalcemia.


The results seems to be unbeatable: cows with strong bones, with high levels of pregnancy, happy and milk quality. Dairymen, therefore, also will be happy.



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