Successful participation of Avivet® and Nutrovet® at the VII International Seminar on Swine Production in Ica

posteado el 15/11/2016

The past 10 and 11 of November, the "VII International Seminar on Swine Production" took place in the city of Chincha, Ica, which was well received by producers, veterinarians, technicians and related professionals.

Avivet® - Advanced Ingredients, was present in the commercial exhibition area, where attendees were able to find out about the different alternatives we offer for all types of pig breeding. Among them were Tylodox® WS, a potent antibiotic combination based on tylosin and doxycycline, Amoxycol® WS antibiotic beta-lactam antibiotic combination - polypeptide, broad spectrum with double bacterial effect; Hepaviar® OS, hepatopotentiator and hepatoprotective that allows to optimize the production to safeguard the integrity of the liver, as part of the nutritional portfolio of the brand Nutrovet®.


We thank the organization for the realization of this event, and allow us to continue contributing in the growth of swine in Peru.