Successful return of the Agrovet Market 2023 in-person tour

Posted on 15/08/2023

On 8, 10 and 11 August, the Agrovet Market 2023 Tour, an event that has been training professionals and producers in the livestock sector for more than 12 years, was held in the cities of Cajamarca, Trujillo and Chiclayo. On this occasion we visited the cities of Cajamarca, Trujillo and Chiclayo, with the Hotel Costa del Sol as the venue.

Agrovet Market counted with the presence of M.V. Esp. Marcelo Ortiz from Ecuador, active member of the Ecuadorian Association of Buiatrics and the Medical College, who shared with us the topics of "Rational use of antibiotics in dairy cattle" in Cajamarca, "Precision reproductive programmes in dairy cattle and their production in the herd" in Trujillo and closing in Chiclayo with "Practical aspects for the treatment of the bovine respiratory complex".

More than 300 people attended, including veterinarians, zootechnical engineers and renowned livestock producers. Well-known stables from the north of the country were able to participate in this event where they had the opportunity to exchange experiences and generate contact with important producers and livestock farmers in the region.

Special thanks to the professionals attending the event and to the M.V. Marcelo Ortiz for providing his knowledge in the field of animal health. Likewise, Agrovet Market is committed to continue with the updating conferences, thus consolidating its commitment to the livestock sector of the country.

The next edition of the Agrovet Market 2023 Tour will be announced soon.

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Cajamarca: Ing. Rommel Chinchay, M.V. Yohani Mera, Ing. Manuel Bravo

Awards ceremony for the attendees of the Agrovet Market Tour - Cajamarca

Awards to the attendees of the Agrovet Market Tour - Trujillo

M.V. Marcelo Ortiz, giving his lecture "Practical aspects for the treatment of bovine respiratory complex" in Chiclayo.

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