Tour Agrovet Market 2016 - First Edition Headquarters Huacho

posteado el 03/05/2016

For the sixth consecutive year, the Agrovet Market 2016 Tour was launched,  held in Huacho on April 29, with more than 130 people, including veterinarians, zoo technical engineers, agricultural technicians and producers in the area of ​​Huacho and surroundings.

The presented subjects were "Reproductive and health management of newly calved cows" by Dr. Roberto Evaristo M.V and "Proven Practices feeding calves and cattle rearing" by Dr. Carlos Gomez, Phd. MSc. Both speakers emphasized their talks on the importance of nutrition and proper sanitation for high production.

After the conference, certificates were given to each attendee with the seal of Veterinary Medical College of Peru.

Agrovet Market S.A appreciates the support of the Veterinary Medical College as well as the city of Huacho.

Soon AMAH will report its second edition of the Tour in the city of Huancayo.


Ing. Zoo. Alan Tauca y M.V Manuel Rebatta junto a los ponentes del “Tour Agrovet Market 2016” sede Huacho.

Dr. Carlos Gómez Phd. MSc. exponiendo “Prácticas comprobadas de alimentación en terneras y recría vacuna”.

“Manejo reproductivo y sanitario de las vacas recién paridas” dictada por el El Dr. Roberto Evaristo M.V.

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