Agrovet Market opening market for Peruvian veterinary pharmaceutical industry abroad

On March 22nd, the Research Center for Economics and Global Business - ADEX published the study "Medicines for Veterinary Use: Evolution of the National and International Market" (1) in which we are recognized as the largest exporters of veterinary drugs in Peru, contributing 45% of the exported value.

Atrevia® Trio Cats at Expo Gato 2024

Posted on Thursday, 21 March of 2024

Atrevia® Trio Cats at Expo Gato 2024

Atrevia® Trio Cats was present at the fifth edition of Expo Gato, the largest event of the feline community, which took place at Casa Prado in the district of Miraflores, on March 15, 16 and 17.

Launching Event Go Native, Grain-Free Dog Food Line

Posted on Thursday, 07 March of 2024

Launching Event Go Native, Grain-Free Dog Food Line

On February 29th, the Pullman Hotel was the venue for the launching of the Go Native brand, a line of ultra premium grain-free dog food. During the event, the presentation "Benefits and Uses of Monoproteic Diets for Dogs" was given by Dr. Edward Corless, Global Sales Manager of the Pet line and by Dr. Aiofe, Representative of the Research and Development Department of Connolly's RED MILLS, an Irish company founded in 1908 and dedicated to the production of pet food.

Petmedica® present at the IV International Dog Grooming Seminar in Nicaragua

On February 24 and 25 at the Contempo-Managua hotel, the IV International Dog Grooming Seminar was held, the most recognized grooming event in the country. Petmedica®, official sponsor of the event, together with its product Atrevia®, a tablet of irresistible flavor based on fluralaner, were present with the talk "Dermatopathies by ectoparasites in dogs" by M.V. Katherin Dávila.

Atrevia®, Platinum Sponsor of the Congreso de León Costa Rica

Last February 6-8, Costa Rica opened the doors to the largest pet congress in the region: The Leon Veterinary Congress 2024; at the National Congress and Convention Center in San Jose. Petmedica® was part of the event together with Monteco de Cartago, exclusive distributor in Costa Rica; marking presence with an imposing double height stand in the central area of the commercial area.

Agrovet Market present at important livestock event in Costa Rica

The Costa Rican Association of Jersey Cattle Breeders held its Annual General Assembly of members, bringing together more than 300 producers and breeders of Jersey cattle in the city of Atenas, Costa Rica. Agrovet Market was present together with its strategic partner in Costa Rica, Inversiones Monteco de Cartago, presenting a complete portfolio of solutions specialized in dairy cattle.

Atrevia®, Official Sponsor of 'El Primer Campeón', Club Sport Boys Association

Agrovet Market®, a Peruvian company dedicated to the development and export of products for veterinary use, is proud to announce its association, with the Atrevia® brand, as the new official sponsor of 'El Primer Campeón', the respected Club Sport Boys Association. The signing of this agreement took place on February 1st, 2024, marking the beginning of a unique collaboration between both parties.

Agrovet Market Consolidates its Position as Peru's Leading Exporter of Veterinary Products

According to ADEX's Global Economy and Business Research Centre (CIEN), in 2022, Peruvian exports of veterinary medicines will total US$ 30.8 million, an amount associated with a growth of 11.3% over the previous year.

Agrovet Market had an outstanding participation in FONDGICARV 2023

Agrovet Market, was present as a GOLD sponsor at the VIII International Congress, Expo Fair and XXXVIII Cattle Fattening Contest FONDGICARV 2023, event organized by the association of beef producers (FONDGICARV PERU), which was held at the premises of the association located in Lurin.

Successful return of the Agrovet Market 2023 Presencial Tour Second Edition

On 15, 17 and 20 November, the second edition of the Agrovet Market 2023 Tour took place, an event that has been training professionals and producers in the livestock sector for more than 12 years. This time we visited the cities of Cañete, Lurin and Juliaca, having as location the Hotel Villa del Sur, Fundo del Valle and Suites Don Carlos respectively.