Trisulprim® 48 association sulfa + high concentration trimethoprim

Trisulprim® 48

Association Sulfa + High Concentration Trimethoprim

Camels Goats Horses Sheep Swine Cattle Injectable Suspension

Each 100 mL contains: Sulfadiazine sodium 40 g, Trimethoprim 8 g Excipients c.s.p 100 mL

Treatment and prevention of local or systemic infections - acute or chronic - caused by microorganisms sensitive to the association. Infectious respiratory, genitourinary processes, gastrointestinal, septicemic, skin, joint, foot infections and others, caused by pathogens sensitive to association.

Intramuscular injection, at a rate of 1 mL / 30 kg for 1-5 days. Severe infections: 1 mL / 20 Kg. Use intrauterine: 10 mL in 100 mL of distilled water for 3 - 5 days.
Bottle x 50 mL , Bottle x 100 mL , Bottle x 250 mL .

SENASA Registry: SENASA Perú: F.82.42.I.0096

This content is informative reference and should not be considered as prescriptions.

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