Cani-Tabs® Natural Laxative+ association of natural fibers with intestinal transit promoting effect

Cani-Tabs® Natural Laxative+

Association of Natural Fibers with Intestinal Transit Promoting Effect

Canines Felines Palatable tablets

Each tablet contains: Psyllium husk (Plantago ovata) 500 mg, Barley malt extract 25 mg, Apple pectin cellulose powder 50 mg.

Natural nutritional supplement, promoter of gastrointestinal health and function, when it is advisable to increase the daily intake of fiber. Prevention and treatment of habitual or chronic constipation, prevention of hairball formation, facilitator of stool deposition, for example in cases of painful stools after rectal or anal surgery, anal fissures and hemorrhoids, as an adjuvant to satiate animals with exacerbated appetite and those begging for food, as an adjuvant for the control of overweight, as an adjuvant in constipation associated with irritable bowel syndrome, as an adjuvant in animals with high cholesterol and/or diabetes, as an adjuvant in irritable bowel syndrome.

Oral daily supplement. Due to its high palatability, it can be administered directly or by disintegrating and mixing it with meals. Always administer with fresh water available. Daily doses: Canines: Up to 3.5 Kg: 1⁄2 tablet. From 3.5 to 9 Kg: 1 tablet. From 9 to 18 kg: 2 tablets. Over 18 kg of weight: 3 tablets. Felines: Up to 3.5 kg: 1⁄2 tablet. Over 3.5 Kg: 1 tablet. Can be taken on a regular basis for long term support or occasionally as needed.

SENASA Registry: SENASA Perú: A.036.028.I.01029

This content is informative reference and should not be considered as prescriptions.

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