Fipronex® G5 Drop On

Topical Solution



Fipronil 45 mg, Piryproxyfen 45 mg, Dinotefuran 58 mg, Butoxide of piperonil 10 mg, Permethrin 360 mg, Excipients 1 mL.


For the treatment and prevention of flea infestations Ctenocephalides spp and their immature forms (environmental effect), with immediate and lasting action. Indicated for the treatment of lice, ticks, mosquitoes repellent, mosquitoes, flies and sandflies.Fipronil acts on various parts of the nervous system of pests, causing death by nervous hiperexitación; the piriproxyfen meanwhile, prevents the development of the immature stages of fleas.Dinotefuran is an insecticide from the class of neonicotinoids, it binds poorly to it acetylcholine receptor insect, suggesting that it possesses a novel site of action. In combination with permethrin it is effective against adult fleas and ticks and in combination with pyriproxyfen can expand its activity to include flea eggs, larvae and pupae.For its part piperonyl butoxide does not have pesticidal properties but potentiates the action of permethrin on ticks inhibiting hydrolytic enzymes responsible for metabolism, increasing the insecticidal activity of 2 to 12 times. Finally, the pyrethroid is permethrin for animal use more widespread and has a repulsive activity against ticks, sand flies, flies and mosquitoes.

Dosage and Administration

• Up to 10 Kg BW: 1 pipette of 1.5 mL • 10 to 20 kg BW: 1 pipette 3 mL • From 20 to 40 kg BW: 1 pipette 6 mL • From 40 to 60 kg BW: 1 pipette 9 mL

Commercial Presentation

Pipette x 1mL, Pipette x 3mL, Pipette x 6mL, Pipette x 9mL,

SENASA Registry

SENASA Perú: F.87.37.N.0177