No Fly fly killer

No Fly

Fly killer

Poultry Horses Sheep Swine Cattle Fighting Cocks Insecticide

Imidacloprid 0.5 g, Z-(9)- Tricosene 0.1 g, Denatonium benzoate 0.01 g, excipients q.s. ad 100 g.

Apply on surfaces and areas where insects normally congregate, such as walls, doors, windows, etc. The product has been developed for its use inside or outside livestock facilities. It is recommended to apply the product in seasons when insects proliferate.

Shock action: application each 15 - 21 days; maintenance: application each 30 - 45 days. This interval can be changed depending on the level and extent of the plague to be treated. Bait exposure: Place the bait granules (15 - 20 g in a flat container) every 10 m2 in places where flies concentrate. It can be used in presence of animals (by placing the bait out of reach of animals). The bait can increase its attraction capacity and lethal effect by slightly wetting it. Bait dissolved in water: Dilute 100 g of the product in 100 mL of water and let at rest for 15 minutes; using the sprayer or pressure pump apply the solution within 7 - 8 hours after the preparation on the surfaces where flies normally concentrate (keeping the animals away). Bait for painting: Dilute 200 g of the product in 150 ml of water and let at rest for 20 minutes; using a brush apply the solution within 7 - 8 hours after the preparation on non porous surfaces where flies normally concentrate. Another way is to use traps made of pieces of wood or cardboard moistened with the solution and hanged on places frequently visited by the insects.
Sachet x 250 g, Sachet x 1 kg , Sachet x 20g.

SENASA Registry: SENASA Perú:F.07.44.I.0461

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