Agrovet Market expands product portfolio in Uruguay

Posted on 03/10/2016

Recently Agrovet Market Animal Health Uruguay continues to increase its number of registered products to meet the demanding South American market, by obtaining the registration of nutritional products NUTROVET®, Performance Nutrition, among which are:

Vetonic®  with Nucleotides OS integral Biostimulant, recommended as growth promoter and as an adjunct in all infectious diseases, poisoning and dehydration and convalescence as anti stress factor.

ChickBooster® with Nucleotides OS, nutritional supplement formulation based exclusively Nucleotide that promotes cell division and regeneration, biological and optimizes power productive performance by improving the feed conversion functions.

Probiolyte® WS nutritional supplement optimizer of all organic and restorative functions against any pathogenic situation.

Rumenade® P, Reestablishes operation and the population of microorganisms in the rumen, to provide missing vitamins, electrolytes and trace minerals lost by the animal and needed by rumen microorganisms. Indicated in cases of ruminal sluggishness, intestinal paralysis, constipation, bloating constipation and simple indigestion.

Zoovit® Bolus, improves the utilization rate of nutrients in food (protein, fat, cellulose), promotes the growth and development especially in young animals. Suitable in the period of fertility, lactation and fattening to reduce stress and as supportive therapy in various infectious and parasitic diseases.


NUTROVET® provides solutions that facilitate the balance of nutrients for optimal functioning of the animal organism.


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