Melacanin® Soft Chews, the best choice for your dog's prolonged sleep

Posted on 12/09/2023

Petmedica®, leader in innovation in pharmaceutical products, presents a new product: Melacanin® Soft Chews, a nutritional supplement for oral administration, chewable and with a pleasant taste, which improves the quality and cycle of your dog's sleep, ideal for the management of anxiety and stress.

Melacanin® Soft Chews uses melatonin as the main component in its formulation, which is a hormone secreted naturally by both humans and animals that helps regulate the body's heart rhythms. It acts as a support for the treatment of sleep cycle disorders caused by night waking, anxiety or nervousness, as well as situations of fear or stress: separation from the owner, travel, grooming, fireworks, among others. It also helps to restore circadian rhythm in geriatric dogs with cognitive dysfunction syndrome. In addition, its effects last approximately eight hours - a full night's sleep!

The product is now available to veterinarians and doglovers through our distribution channel. For more information about the Petmedica® product portfolio, we invite you to visit our website:


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