Oxantel® Soft Chews: Great Tasting Protection, with Superchews™ technology for safer, more delightful protection

Posted on 28/09/2023

Petmedica® adds a new product to its portfolio with its most recent launch, an internal antiparasitic: Oxantel ® Soft chews, the new chewable tablets with a very pleasant aroma and flavour for dogs, ideal for the most common internal parasite infections in canines.

The combination of its two main active ingredients, oxybendazole and pranziquantel, in the formulation of Oxantel ® Soft chews, acts effectively to eliminate the most common cestodes and nematodes in dogs. It acts against adult, immature or egg forms of these parasites.

The new Oxantel ® Soft chews features Superchews™ technology, which attributes to its high palatability, soft consistency and great aroma that makes it easy to administer orally. It is also one of the safest dewormers for young animals and is compatible with any other treatment against fleas, ticks, among others.

Oxantel ® Soft chews has four presentations according to the weight of the dog. It can be used in puppies from 2 weeks of age and without restrictions in young dogs, adults, breeders, pregnant and lactating bitches.

The product is now available to all veterinarians and doglovers in our distribution channel. For more information about the Petmedica® product portfolio, you can visit us on our social networks or our website: www.agrovetmarket.com


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