ProBiolyte Ws of Agrovet Market: Raise your production

Posted on 26/03/2015

Multielement complex of vitamins, minerals, aminoacids, electrolytes and probiotics.

Nutrition is the key factor for maximization of yield of animals and profitability of the farming unit. In order to increase the productive rates of efficiency and performance, Agrovet Market offers ProBiolyte WS to the market, a complete nutritional supplement of vitamins, chelated minerals, electrolytes, aminoacids, prebiotics and 12 probiotics in soluble powder for drinking water or feed.

ProBiolyte WS optimizes the alimentary conversion rate and the productive parameters by improving gastrointestinal and general health of animals. Its 12 strains of probiotics promote a healthy digestion, reinforce the immune system and repair deficiencies in intestinal flora. It contains inulin, a prebiotic that works as substrate of probiotics, and is essential for the development of beneficial bacterial colonies in the gastrointestinal tract. On their side, chelated minerals of the formulation assure a total absorption and high bioavailability, and its content of high digestibility aminoacids favor protein synthesis. Additionally, ProBiolyte WS offers an adequate contribution of vitamins AD3E, K3, C and complex B to supply nutritional requirements or deficiencies. In conclusion, it is a fully functional product that has enough merits to become the indicated partner in present-day breeding.

Apart from being a great promoter of growth, ProBiolyte WS is recommended as coadjuvant in all infectious diseases, intoxications, convalescence and conditions of dehydration. It behaves as anti stress factor in critical periods such as sudden temperature changes, vaccination campaigns, or changes of feed. For more information visit:


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