Words from our CEO at the end of the year

Posted on 31/12/2020


Throughout this year 2020 we faced the worst crisis that we have ever experienced. As a company within an essential sector, we had to face it by working. In the blink of an eye, many of us were doing our work from home and another large part of our team was on the first operational line; collaborating so that the production chain of animal protein could be maintained.
Aware of the situation, we established early on a line of action that guaranteed our operability, with a focus on the safety, health and life of our collaborators. Many thanks to the management team for their determined participation in the development and brilliant staging of this plan, which we summarize as “people-centered leadership”.
We seek the opportunity to contribute to the community, collaborating with the Ministry of Health and the Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Professional Guilds of Peru, with a donation equivalent to 1.6 million ivermectin treatments. We used 2% of our May sales for the donation of protective material to national hospitals. We replicated this action in November at our subsidiary in Nicaragua. We actively participate with local municipalities by donating bottles of gel, manufactured by our sister company Pharmadix. We support multiple animal shelters nationwide, among other actions. We are clear that social responsibility must continue to be part of our DNA, even more so in difficult times.
Our collaborators rose to the challenge and exceeded my expectations. In both companies, Agrovet Market and Pharmadix, their contribution to achieving this year's objectives - despite the situation, almost all of them met - has been invaluable. I am proud of each one of you, I thank you infinitely and I promise that your well-being continues to be the center on which our corporation revolves.
Thanks to all our clients, those who preferred our products through our commercial chain in Peru as well as in the 37 countries where we arrived this year. A special recognition to our local and international distributors, who did not hesitate to stock up despite the uncertainty generated.
I extend my gratitude to our suppliers, not only for the quality of the supplies or services offered, but for that additional effort given the complexity of the logistics system during this juncture.
Thanks to our health authority SENASA, which despite the difficulties, offered us an impeccable regulatory service this year.
As I already mentioned, this pandemic separated us, but at the same time brought us closer. We reacted to unexpected situations and learned to value what we took for granted. This aroused -among other feelings- solidarity and empathy, as well as flexibility, creativity and innovation to get ahead, all of them fundamental values in our companies. We learned (or remembered?) that more important than any activity is the well-being of the people who carry it out and that in spite of being separated, it is necessary to remain close.

Let's  look forward to 2021 with optimism, let's continue being active participants, identifying the light at the end of the tunnel. On our part, we renew our commitment to our country: to create more jobs, improve food production, prevent transmissible diseases and the emotional well-being of people through animal health; as well as being the most important Latin American company in the sector in 2030.

I couldn´t be more proud of my team and my job.
Sincere thanks.
Happy 2021!

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