Umberto Calderón, CEO of Agrovet Market Animal Health, is elected one of the Business Leaders of Change

Posted on 30/01/2018

Agrovet Market has consolidated its position as one of the leading pharmaceutical-veterinary companies in Peru under the direction of Umberto Calderón. The company has become the major exporter in the pharmaceutical sector -including human pharma and its products are available in more than 40 countries.

The innovation, vision, impact on society and achievements that distinguish Agrovet Market has ensured its CEO to be elected as a Business Leader of Change 2018. This distinction is granted by El Comercio Group, EY (formerly Ernst & Young) and ASBANC, the Peruvian Bank Association, in order to recognize the most outstanding stories of business success that generated a positive impact in the country.

Agrovet Market history -with almost 25 years in the Market- is one of entrepreneurship and effort, as Dr. Calderón remembers: "The company started in 1994 as a distribution office, in the backyard of my family’s house. We acknowledged certain market needs and gradually we developt a solid product line. " However, the history of the company is one that will be written in the future, due to the projects and perspectives: "In 2017, we achieved a growth of 5 to 6% in Peru, meanwhile abroad, the company achieved 15%", explains the executive, whom forecasts for 2018 a growth in between 15 to 20%.

Reflecting, Dr. Calderón indicates: "This recognition is an award that foresees an optimistic future and that not only validates the history of Agrovet Market, but also the role of the people that build up the company".

Umberto Calderón, CEO of Agrovet Market is elected one of 


the Business Leaders of Change 2018 (LEC 2018)


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