Booster® RN Terneros First Defense Line

Posted on Thursday, 26 March of 2015

Booster® RN Terneros First Defense Line

Agrovet Market Animal Health presents Booster® RN Terneros, supplement of colostrum, which helps to face new challenges and to better resist diseases proper of this stage.

AGROVET MARKET introduces Vetonic® con Nucleótidos OS to the market

Biostimulating in balanced formula of vitamins, aminoacids, electrolytes and essential fatty acids. Unique product with nucleotide

Agrovet Market was sponsor of the successful I Expo Ternera Jorge Basadre 2015

The event gathered more than 500 assistants among exhibitors, cattle breeders, professionals connected to the farming industry, zootechnics engineers, veterinary physicians, owners of veterinary stores and general public.

Agrovet Market presents a line of biologic products for large animals

On Friday, February 27, Agrovet Market carried out an important technical presentation about advanced CDV biologic products in Lurin.

Agrovet Market took part in the development of the Theoretical and Practical course:Technical slaughtering of Guinea pigs (cuyes) and preparation of carcasses

The much expected event took place at Junta de Usuarios del Valle Chancay Lambayeque - Chiclayo (Water Users Board) on February 04 and 05 of this year, under the supervision of Ing. René de la Torre Ugarte.


Agrovet Market obtained the registration in Mexico of its well known product Modivitasan, organic modifier specialized in stimulating organic functions and optimizing the metabolism of cattle, which allows the achievement of high production standards.


After a thorough registration process conducted by DILAVE, supported with great professionalism by the team of Research and Development of Agrovet Market, this important trademark was registered in the Uruguayan country.

Agrovet Market Animal Health gave a technical talk in the Superior Technological Huacané Institute of the province of Puno

This event was realized on January 30th of this year in the auditorium of the institute, the meeting was attended by specialists of agriculture from the mention areas during the event. Also Agrovet Market Animal Health presented their new products.

Agrovet Market Animal Health sponsored the XXI National Congress of Veterinary Science: “Forging synergy for the sustainable development”

An interesting Congress was held in Arequipa last September 17th to 19th, Agrovet Market took part as Main Sponsor in the XXI National Congress of Veterinary Science: “Forging synergy for the sustainable development” brought by the Veterinary Medicine School of Arequipa in conjunction with the Veterinary Medicine School of Perú. 

Agrovet Market Animal Health present as a sponsor in the 2014 XI Gloria S.A. Livestock Breeders in Cajamarca

The last August 29 th, Agrovet Market Animal Health participated as a sponsor of this succesful event brought by Gloria S.A. in Cajamarca, given in Fongal exhibition area, where 2,500 livestock producers were gathered.

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